The Painless Marketing Guide for Dentists


The Painless Marketing Guide for Dentists


Where to start?

In today’s market, it is vital to target your online presence to reach as many dental patients as possible.

A working digital marketing strategy is a must-have for any business and as part of the competitive private healthcare industry, dentistry is no different.

The more prospective new patients you are able to reach directly via social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) and online ads, the greater the organic, word-of-mouth reach of your business, and the larger your potential client base.

There are many ways you can improve your strategy. Some digital marketing sites offer an exhaustive list.

However here we offer two real-life case studies that break the issue down to an approachable level that you can hopefully see working for your own practice.


Case Study 1 – The Gentle Dental


Key Tactics:

  • SEO-focused content strategy
  • Website optimised for SEO

The Gentle Dental Implant & Cosmetic Centre in Kingston, Surrey doubled their web traffic within three months by developing a content strategy that targeting the keywords that potential customers in the area would be searching for online.

Using key-phrases from relevant search terms such as “dental implants Kingston”, “dental implants Surrey”, “restorative dentistry KT8…” their marketer made a plan for a series of short web articles that included these terms, which drove their site up search rankings, and more customers through their doors.


Case Study 2 – Dorset dental implant clinic


Key Tactics:

Dorset dental implant clinic in Dorchester doubled their efforts on social media as well as developing their website to streamline the customer journey and enhance the experience. See website.

The visible results of their efforts were then broadcasted on social media by their client base and other interested customers – causing many more potential customers to see their content and many more enquiries about the dental services they offer, such as teeth in a day, dental implants and Invisalign.

You can see evidence of their efforts through the many positive testimonials they display on their site.

What makes a successful marketing strategy?

There are a number of insightful journals and online resources which outline the impacts, benefits, or challenges of marketing in the healthcare industry: